Client Mailing Programs

The Circle of Influence Mailing Program helps professionals and business owners stay in touch with their clients and referral sources on a regular basis in a personal way. You customize the program by choosing which cards you want to go out and which month they are to be mailed. Holiday cards can be included along with free custom greetings to fit your industry.

Prices below reflect the cost of one mailing on a per card basis. Postage is not included in the price. Postage is additional!
The number in () refers to the number of mailings per year.
Other charges: initial list set up-.25 per name or $15.00 for upload in Excel format.

Number of Clients Monthly(12) Bimonthly(6) Quarterly (4) Other(under 4)
50-200 $1.76 per card $1.81 per card $1.86 per card $1.96 per card
201-300 $1.61 $1.71 $1.81 $1.91
301-400 $1.56 $1.66 $1.76 $1.86
401-500 $1.51 $1.61 $1.71 $1.81
500+ $1.46 $1.56 $1.66 $1.76

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Our Service includes:
*Your first name hand signed with a signature similar to your own
* Circle of influence cards have your name, company, and phone printed on the inside
*Envelopes imprinted with your return address
*Business card inserted (if provided)
*Mailed with a first class commemorative stamp
We will manage your database and keep track of scheduling for you!